Lincoln Northeast Sertoma Club
Lincoln Northeast Sertoma Club

Sponsorships and Community Service

Highway Pickup: Northeast Sertoma has been picking up litter on 3 miles of Highway 34 east of Eagle, NE for over 20 years. We do one pickup in the spring and one in the fall. 

Trail Pickup: Northeast Sertoma picks up litter on Lincoln’s Superior Bike Trail between 27th & 40th. We also pick up litter on the MoPac Trail between 70th Street and the Wedgewood Lake bridge, both on a monthly basis. We have been doing Trail Pickup for 4 years. 

Salvation Army: Northeast Sertoma has participated in the Salvation Army Bell Ringing during the Christmas season for 12 years. We pick a night and two locations. We also donate monies for various projects such as buying fans during the heat of summer or help with heating bills in the winter. 

Folsom Zoo: We have “adopted” different animals and sponsored their maintenance. We have also donated monies for their general projects. 

Goodwill Holiday Coupons: Our club purchases coupons from Goodwill Industries and gives them to two local elementary schools. The schools distribute the coupons to needy families to use for clothes or whatever they need at Christmas. We have done this about ten (10) years. 

Harvest of Books: We have donated monies to this project so children in elementary schools can receive books of their own. 

Bright Lights: We sponsor different classes for this summer program where children in Lincoln schools can take some challenging and unusual classes that they wouldn’t usually receive in the normal school year. 

Special Olympics: We donate funds to this program to sponsor teams and their mission. 

Trunk or Treat: In conjunction with an elementary school we sponsor a Halloween activity where (with the help of Alpha Xi Delta sorority) we line the school’s parking lot with 20 cars with trunks full of candy, toothpaste, toothbrushes and coupons. The neighborhood children then Trick or Treat around the open trunks. We also provide games, face painting, hot cocoa and treats inside the school. We have sponsored this activity for 5 years. 

Earplug give away: At local hardware stores, we have given away earplugs for Speech & Hearing month. A person who comes to a hardware store is probably working around something that makes some noise. Our main goal is to assist persons with hearing and communication disorders and to prevent them if we can. We have had this project for 2 years. 

May: Better Speech and Hearing Month: 
To celebrate “May: Better Speech and Hearing Month” we give away earplugs to anyone who wants them. We set aside three weekends and join with three hardware stores to give away earplugs to anyone who wants them. People shopping in hardware stores probably work around noise. Our main Sponsorship is to assist with hearing and communication disorders and to prevent them if we can. Also in May, an elementary school has a health fair. We have been invited to give away earplugs and literature during this time. We have done both about two (2) years. 

Leaf Control Patrol (Yard Cleanup): In the fall, we get names of low income or elderly persons who could use assistance cleaning their yards for winter after the leaves have fallen. We supply the bags, machinery, and manpower for this project. We have done this for 3 years. 

Fresh Start: We contribute monies to help fund their various projects and for their mission. 


Northeast Sertoma Club amplifies student learning ~ Lincoln Journal Star